Our company exists for more than 5 years on the market. We’ve finished a lot of orders for a complete satisfaction of our clients. Below you can find just a few of many references we have.

Olomouc – Dům u Parku, multifunctional building

New stage with black velvet, rails and side cycloramas. In the auditorium, we supplied electric rails synchronized to a single control with black velvet hanging on them; they also serve as a blackout cover.

Surf Arena Praha

We provided drapes separating the surfer zone from the multifunctional hall.

Berousek Circus

A famous circus was supplied with a series of curtains, front curtains, side curtains providing a boundary for the entry of performers onto the stage, the rear part, and truss construction. The bottom of the curtains was equipped with high-quality leather of the same color to protect against wear.

Villa House

We installed blackout curtains, including electric rails, in a smart home for a private customer. Blackout textile act also as an acoustic element within the rooms. Electric rails can be effortlessly operated with a touch of a button without the need of manual controls. Everything was tailor-made..

Šternberk Cultural House

This order involved a complete solution in the field of stage technology, where we installed rail systems (manual and cable), tension rods, winches, and we portal towers. We custom-made the leg beams, and sew the grand curtain, harlequin, legs, cyclorama, borders and covering textiles. We installed acoustic velvets, including the rails, in the hall and lounge. We used heavy acoustic velvet and duvetyn.

Zruč nad Sázavou Elementary Art School

Supply of sophisticated tribune system or elevation to Zruč nad Sázavou elementary art school, where we had to use the maximum space of the classroom with atypically elevated columns along the walls, the total surface area of the elevation was 36 m2, the above standard width of each level was 1m, the upper footboard was made from light lacquered beechwood, a front viewing baseboard made from the same material as the upper board of the elevation and was specially attached so a viewer standing in front of the elevation can see the uniformity of the whole auditorium. In addition, safety elements such as a railing and window rails were added. A total of six degrees of elevation, an atypical solution. Guaranteed load bearing capacity of 750 kg/m2.

Planá nad Lužnicí

Complete supply of stage technology focusing on modern automated solutions using a system of electrical rails and other stage components. Transformation of the old cultural house into a modern multipurpose hall was the main priority, which our company tried to fulfill. We supplied textile in the lounge, also usable as a separating element of the installation, with manual rails that we sank into the ceiling, due to the uniform perception of the line. The supply included the installation of electric rails including a control system and the possibility to combine the controls of the individual rails, which had protective grids. The grand curtain is at the highest level thanks to larger and intelligent electrical railing including a beautiful velvet curtain with permanent flame-retardance. The rear cyclorama was chosen as standard duvetyn with a hand rail.

Bohuslavice nad Vláří

Complete supply of curtains and rails to a local cultural house, including work on improving acoustics in the hall using velvet.


Reconstruction of the cultural house included a completely new installation of special consoles for stage operations, state-of-the-art rail systems completely equipped with heavy velvet. The result is a high-quality representative space for cultural purposes.

Velké Bílovice - Elementary Art School

We supplied a ballet surface to one of the classrooms of an elementary school where children learn various forms of dance. The requirement was to illuminate the room, so we selected a white dance floor, which we laid and modified according to the layout of the room.


Complete supply of heavy velvet drapes including rails that had both an aesthetic and acoustic effect and everything was finished in an exhilarating golden color.

Blackout of a hall

For a prominent customer, we blacked out a production hall intended for presentation purposes. In total, 800 m2 of blackout textile with 100% light imperiousness was used with the option of future variability and use. The material used was German in origin and met the highest flame-retardant standards and requirements.


We produced and installed side curtains, including rails. Black, flame retardant duvetyn material was used. The curtains were made of high quality velvet.

Brno Soběšice City Hall

New custom-made stage flooring made from high-quality wood and high-quality coating for load-bearing surfaces, including new cable rails, curtain and harlequin. The portals on the side of the stage were coated in velvet in the same color as the curtain.


New black cycloramas and legs made of duvetyn for a cultural building.


We supplied a new curtain, harlequin, side curtain and rear curtain.


New stage curtains made of high-quality velvet and duvetyn, including design and acoustic stage drapes, which revitalized the whole hall and added to its attractiveness.

Ostrava – Leisure Center

We supplied drapes and curtains to this leisure center included not only the grand curtain and the harlequin, but also colorful cycloramas, including legs and velvet drapes in the auditorium. Everything was provided based on the needs of the customer.


In this village we installed tailor-made curtains and drapes, as well as a rail system. We also installed an acoustic solution using materials suitable for absorbing higher tones. We used velvet and duvetyn as materials for the curtains and drapes. Last but not least, we supplied rails for both manual and cable controls.


The multifunctional hall involved comprehensive supply including the equipping of a representative hall (a range of velvets) from drapes to upholstered elements or covering materials such as duvetyn and rail systems. In the auditorium, we installed rails with velvets that were also lined for 100% blackout. The chosen colors were blue and red, which contrasted with the overall appearance of the interior.


For this village we supplied the grand curtain and harlequin, including a rail system. The supply included 350 g/m2 of velvet with B1 fire protection.


A combination of blue duvetyn fulfilled the customer’s wishes, which included the supply of rails, nets and mirrors to a ballroom.


A comprehensive supply to a cultural house where they have fought with poor acoustics for a long period of time. This was eliminated by our company by installing velvet, which not only helped improve the acoustics in the hall but also improved the aesthetic appearance. Stage elements were also included, such as a stage curtain, harlequin and back cycloramas, for which duvetyn was used. Rail systems were also included in the supply.

Municipality of Aš - Multifunctional Center

Sewing of heavy velvet to improve the acoustics of hall, production of blackout drapes made from blackout duvetyn and installation of a rail system.

Šantovka Theather, Olomouc

Custom main curtain, including two entry curtains with specific adjustments based on customer wishes.

Bohaté Málkovice

In a local newly reconstructed cultural house we supplied rails and medium-length velvets, all finished in a sleek brown color, the sides of which were supplemented by a loop to tie the drape to them.

Kamenná u Šumperku

New heavy blue curtain and harlequin.

Moravskoslezský Kocov

Multifunction podium with a skirt formed along the stage and the addition of two levels of steps.

Slovanské náměstí Brno elementary school

Standard curtain solution from medium-weight velvet, supplemented with black drapes, formed a professional scene from a simple stage. The installation included basic stage lighting elements and a truss trio supporting structure. The complexity of the supply involved more or less variable sound equipment with the addition of a range of wireless, wired and headset microphones, including monitors, was installed.

Ostrava - Mine Michal

The subject of the delivery was an outdoor stage, variable legs, including a roof and four canvases in the colors of miners from Ostrava.

Kolín Theatre – Theatre Club

Sewing of new stage curtains, border and heavy velvet legs. In the theater club, we produced a number of curtains, both single-sided and double-sided, made from lightweight velvet.

Werk Arena Třinec – Ice Hockey Hall (blackout drapes)

In the brand-new arena, we provided blackout curtains in a total of 29 entrances, which, according to the customer’s request, had cable attachments, which were then covered with two skirts. We also created a 50x30-meter drape dividing the ice surface, increasing the options for utilization of the arena.

Brno Ballet Dance School - 640 m2 dance floor surface

We supplied a special dance floor surface to this ballet school, which we installed in four halls with a total area of 640 m2. The installation included leveling of the existing floor, laying the dance floor, and assembling the transition rails. The whole of the dance floor surface was stuck down and welded at the edges.


The atypical hall of this beautiful place meant the installation of an arched curtain divided through the light elements, plus the supply of an entrance drape, including rails, all finished in an elegant golden color.


In this picturesque village we provided a brand-new curtain. A robust red front curtain with a velvet harlequin and legs and a cyclorama made from duvetyn. Attached with lace and shortened on site for the ideal length of the curtains.


Complete reconstruction of the floor including the laying of a dance floor surface stuck down with tape.


An acoustic solution where we supplied acoustic velvet and a fixed mount system to a local gym that is also used for cultural events.

Brno Dvořákova Dance Studio

For our customer we created a dance floor in a new dance studio in Brno on Dvořáková street, which we stuck down using solid double-sided tape and then covered with transparent tape.

Orel Cultural House

For this cultural house we chose a complex solution. We installed new curtains, a tension rod and a rope winch, as well as a new floor on the stage.

Village of Jívová

Complex replacement of curtains and rails, we chose manually controlled rails. For the front curtain, we chose cable controls.

Němčina nad Hanou Elementary Art School

This elementary art school chose a universal dance floor. We installed the dance floor using adhesive tape.


In a village between Karlovy Vary and Prague we supplied beautiful blue curtains made from duvetyn, including rails for manual control.

Starý Hrozenkov

Complete restoration of the back cyclorama, win the form of an extra-long curtain, all in a classic black color tailored to the customer’s requirements .

Village of Kratochvilka

An acoustic solution to a cultural hall in a beautiful village near Brno included a series of rails, heavy velvet and other aesthetic designs in a beautiful blue color.

Village of Loučka

New grand curtain, rail systems and acoustic textiles in a hall using heavy velvet.

Gdansk, Poland – Dance Studio

Supply of a Consor dance floor in Gdansk, Poland

Village of Široké, Slovakia – Cultural Hall

New gray cycloramas decorating the interiors of a cultural hall in the village of Široká in Slovakia.


New curtain, harlequin, with everything made from our velvet.


Installation of a cable rail for manual operation, in a more robust version.


Complete restoration of stage textiles from the curtain to the side curtains all adapted to the existing attachment systems.


In this picturesque village near Zlín we installed heavy acoustic velvet, including the rails and the system for attaching to the newly reconstructed culture hall.

Horní Bečva

Restoration of the back textile cover of the stage including a new border, all oversized and in a black color.

Village of Hoštálková

Supply of complete rail systems, complicated installation elements for plasterboard walls and complete stage textiles.


Small scale supply of a single entrance drape sewn from medium-weight velvet including the rail in the entrance hall of a cultural house.


In the second-largest culture center in Moravia we supplied parts of the drapes that, due to old age, have failed to fulfill the functions they should have, so a rear stage drape was provided made from high-quality wine-colored velvet.


In this beautiful city, we supplied and installed a large motorized projection screen, rail fasteners, state-of-the-art rail systems and textiles for both the stage and the hall of a newly reconstructed cinema.


Restoration of the stage to a modern form required the replacement of the rail system and the supply of new stage and side curtains, all tailored to the customer with an emphasis on a short delivery time.